Floortje Dessing’s ‘Floortje back to Syria’ and ‘The Case Which’ win award at BANFF World Media Festival

Floortje Dessing has the best social & investigative program award at the BANFF World Media Festival in Canada!
The programmer won the prize for the two-part documentary, Floortje back to Syria, where she and eight years after her first visit to the country for the program 3 On a trip, returns to search for the people which they then met.

Dessing says on Twitter, «speechless» and «over the moon». «It was a ultra heavy competition, but we have won. With blood, sweat and tears made, so special that we are international, this story can show,» says the producer.

Also the Dutch series of The Case Which has won an award. The ministry of omroep Max and producer NL Film is about Telegraaf-journalist Hans Knoop, in the series played by actor Guy Clemens, who in the seventies became involved in the hunt for the war criminal Pieter Ments (Aus Greidanus sr.).


The BANFF World Media Festival, which is held each year in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, is one of the leading event where a lot of film — and documentary-makers from all over the world make their appearance. The prizes that can be won are also known as «Rockies».

Source: http://allreviews.tech/2017/06/13/floortje-dessing-wins-award-at-banff-world-media-festival/